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Technical Solutions
Two-times stacking-firing-----single layer drying chamber and tunnel kiln is suitable for the raw material of clay or high content fly ash firing brick producing line, the drying chamber adopts the most advanced single layer process and automatic loading & unloading system with the best drying quality which could produce the products of best quality.
Advantage: compared with other drying process, single layer drying chamber with tunnel kiln have a very high automation level ,good drying performance ,good products quality and advanced process. It can meet the requirement of worst raw material and also suitable for high hollow rate or irregular shape of products. What’s more, it is the only solution of high mixing quantity fly-ash firing brick producing line.
Disadvantage: compared with other process, the single layer drying chamber with tunnel kiln production line is complex and with higher investment. It is not suitable for producing low-end products as unhallowed clay brick.
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